Friday, 5 October 2012

Reflection, frustration, procrastination and ACTION!!

I blinked and it was October.

Well what i really did was attempt a moment of relection, and realised I hadnt written anything down in ages, so thought BLOG.

Flash forward 20 minutes attemtping to remember my password and lo and behold I have created my own relfective cycle!! Move over Kolb.

 So I reflected and thought BLOG!
I couldnt find password ahhhh frustrated!
Tried to find the link on twitter...ended up looking at tweets and chatting, mmm procrastination.
Do I give up? Do I do it the old fashioned way and write in my reflective log (jotter).. or do I blog? Or why not continue to search for link, open blog and do both???Terminate or act???

I am just too bloody active for my own good, so I did both!

Anyway some tips on avoiding frustation was found in the procrastination part of this cycle and a great quote..

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. - Winston Churchill

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

where is/has the summer gone.....??

Ok so I managed to get through the best part of a month with no posts, but hey I don't think anyone is actually reading my stuff anyway?? Note to self, need to market your blog better, or at least at all! But then, do I want lots of folk reading especially as I am appearing ill disciplined and not exactly creative?

Action for today: pick a few  victims... sorry followers and target them as readers

The last month has seen the plates in over drive: From a family trip to Turkey, (avoid Marmaris is you dislike a Blackpool like setting but in significantly warmer weather, about 40 degrees) to a conference in Crewe, (medieval setting, four poster beds and IT chat???)  a caravan weekend in Eyemouth, (bit wet, took dogs, no dogs allowed?) to finally a weekend in Perth playing polo at gorgeous Errol (living on the floor of the horse box for the weekend)

And still the washing, ironing and hoovering awaits, just with less time to do it!!

I met a few fellow plate spinners on my travels, and we shared our experiences. It was gratifying to realise that you are never alone in your juggling, and that a large number of (mainly women, but I dares say some men) people attempt the daily tasks of juggling work, family and life in equal measure.

We did decide on one tip, the benchmark for an adequately tidy home is long as you can see the floor, you are fine!